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New Chinese Video Art From the Collection of Dr. Michael I. Jacobs

2015. 2 CI’da Çin rüzgârı esti | China Today By suleyman2014, Ali Balkan

Sabah ve A Haber’in de basın sponsoru olduğu “Contemporary Istanbul-IC” çağdaş sanat fuarında dünyanın 23 ülkesinden 520 sanatçıya ait değerli eserler sanatseverlerle buluştu. Aralarında 2010’dan beri Çin video sanatı koleksiyonerliği yapan Dr. Michael Jacobs’ın gözünden Çin video sanatını anlatan “Now You See-Şimdi gör” sergisi büyük beğeni topladı.…

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2014. 12 The Rise of Chinese Video Art | Top 10 Artists to Watch By C. A. Xuan Mai Ardia, The Culture Trip

Video art is becoming an increasingly popular medium in China. Many internationally established Chinese artists, including pioneers of the medium, are embracing video art to express contemporary life. The following ten artists and the works profiled were all part of 'Now You See', an exhibition of young video artists from the collection of Dr Michael I. Jacobs, who has been collecting Chinese video art in-depth since 2010. First featured at Whitebox in New York in May-June 2014, the exhibition was re-presented at Contemporary Istanbul in November 2014…

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2014. 12 Now You See: New Chinese Video Art from the Collection of Dr. Michael I. Jacobs By Contemporary Istanbul, Artsy

'Now You See' is the first exhibition to survey the work of young Chinese video artists, through the eyes of the collector Dr. Michael I. Jacobs, who has been collecting Chinese video art in depth since 2010. The exhibition, drawn from his collection, brings together 21 rarely seen works by 10 young artists, mostly born in the 1980s, and includes multi-screen projective installations, animations, single screen projections and monitor works…

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2014. 12 Istanbul Postcard By Daniel Szehin Ho, Randian

Never judge a book by its cover. Oh, but what a cover! Istanbul is one of the most beguiling cities in the world. Dripping with history and set beautifully along the Bosphorus, the city is undergoing yet another of its many rebirths. Aside from its formidable history dating back to the Ottomans, the Byzantines and even before the Emperor Constantine, the city is now also undergoing an art boom of sorts—with a few major museums in the works. The migratory birds of the art world are paying attention—and more would land, if only the Istanbul Biennale happened closer in time to Venice.

First, an art fair. Contemporary Istanbul (Nov 13–16) is the granddaddy of the art fairs—well-connected, but a decidedly local affair. In contrast to the top-notch graphic design, one cannot help but feel faint disappointment in the booths—which are mixed in quality and often crammed with works (Chinese readers can think of Art Beijing or previous versions of SHContemporary). There is, indeed, a raw energy present, and one does sense that the fair, in the face of that other fair (ArtInternational Istanbul, backed by some of the same people as Art14 in London, Art Sydney, Art India, and the new Art Central in Hong Kong, among others), is trying many, many things—a limited edition section, a design/art cross-over “Plugin” section, a special section on China, as well as a manic and intriguing platform with 90-minute shows… Sprawling and rather unwieldy, Contemporary Istanbul is certainly no Frieze or Basel (but then nor is that other fair, which one C.I. representative dismissed as something like a “jewelry fair”). Not to say there were no good works—not at all—but presentation matters. The mini-retrospective on Adnan Çoker (Olcayart) was impressive while Pi-Artworks showed, among other pieces, video works by Nancy Atakan. One particularly unfortunate and unlucky matter of timing was that the very year Contemporary Istanbul chose China for its “New Horizons”, Art021 in Shanghai entered its second year with great interest from other Chinese and Asian galleries…

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2014. 11 City Filled with Art By Skylife

China is the guest country at this year’s Contemporary Istanbul (CI), which is welcoming art and artists from Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East. The 'Now You See' exhibition in the show’s New Horizons section is showcasing Chinese video art as seen through the eyes of Dr. Michael I. Jacobs, who has been collecting it since 2010. The CI Dialogues talk program is also bringing together international idea leaders again this year as it has in the past. Art Istanbul Art Week, an event mounted jointly by the city’s galleries, museums and cultural institutions from November 10 to 16, will also provide access to a number of events and educational programs...

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2014. 11 Closing remarks: Contemporary Istanbul 2014 By Art Agenda

The ninth edition of Contemporary Istanbul closed on Sunday 16 November, surpassing sale and visitor expectations with more than 77,000 visitors during the four days and 72 percent of all the artworks at the fair sold with a total sales of 67 million Euros.

This year, Turkey’s largest international contemporary art fair, Contemporary Istanbul, brought 108 galleries from 23 territories; 520 artists; more than 1,000 foreign collectors and VIPs, art professionals, academicians; and eight different museum groups from around the world under the same roof. The sales rose above 30 percent of the average sales of international trade fairs with more than 67 million euros in sales. This is the highest amount of artwork sold at Contemporary Istanbul in its nine years…

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2014. 11 Turkey’s art market highlight of the year: Contemporary Istanbul 2014 By C. A. Xuan Mai Ardia, Art Radar

Contemporary Istanbul 2014 successfully contributes to Istanbul’s status of “art capital of the future”. The 9-year-old art fair in Turkey’s art hub closed on Sunday, 16 November 2014, once again bringing art from around the globe with inspiring, innovative and experimental sectors that set it apart. Art Radar rounds up the key points of its success this year.

The ninth edition of Contemporary Istanbul (CI) was launched on 12 November 2014 with 108 galleries and 520 artists from 23 different countries. The fair took place during one of the most important contemporary art events of the year, the week-long Art Istanbul. This year’s fair drew an average of 75,000 visitors over the weekend, with sales at around 70 percent and received positive feedback from participants, collectors and the media alike…

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2014. 11 Contemporary Istanbul in 5 Steps By Merve Arkunlar, TimeOut

The opening night of Contemporary Istanbul is a familiar event to all Istanbulites. From cab drivers swearing blindly due to the jams it causes on Nişantaşı's dainty streets, to the 75 000 art lovers expected to attend from all over the country and the world. "Contempo"'s 9th edition brings together 520 artists and 104 galleries from 22 countries. The shifting dynamics of the context in which Contemporary Istanbul (C.I) is held have brought new challenges for this well-established contemporary art fair such as teh growing competition of the rivaling ArtInternational, the increase of people who prefer to visit art fairs abroad or the unsufficient number of new collectors...

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2014. 11 The Other Art. Alternatives. Choices. Options By Contemporary Istanbul

CI Dialogues, the fair's talk programme will this year be titled "The Other Art, Alternatives, Choices, Options" and here is how the programme will be examined: "Art is transforming itself and being transformed by all means, everywhere... The new social and political formations and shaped by the globalization and the new technological moves shape art anew. We are facing not only new ways of production but also the new ways of consumption is a matter of fact. The clash between the new and conventional and established institutions of art also opens to novelties. The end of the new is reached every day and the ‘new’ meaning of every concept is already old. The course of the search has always been and still is towards the democratization. The new-to-come is also going to be a matter of democracy. Art in its existing forms and institutions might be now repressive. So art market, actors of art market need a new look as well as museums, galleries, collectors, critics. The other art is at the door. But is in that urgent need of discussion."

Session 4: The Future is Now – Contemporary Art in China
This session will discuss the present and future state of art in China. Questions regarding formal, technical, and aesthetical matters will aim at revealing a certain character of Chinese art that makes it outstanding and unique. The analysis of the latest trends will also help to get a glimpse into a possible future of Chinese art.

Daniel Szehin Ho // Editor in chief & Co-founder of

Chrissie Iles, Katja Lohe, Qilan Shen and Dr. Micheal Jacobs

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2014. 6 迈克·雅各布斯 收藏下一个“杨福东 By 王丹艺, HiArt

在德克萨斯州看过,那么,现在你在纽约看到了吗?名为“Now You See:迈克·雅各布斯收藏中国影像艺术展”正在纽约的白盒子艺术中心展出。此次展览是2012年在德州休斯顿当代艺术博物馆的“未竞之邦:来自中国的新录像”的延伸,据说这是中国青年影像艺术家在纽约的首次集体亮相。参展艺术家:陈晓云、程然、胡晓媛、蒋志、阚萱、李明、梁月、陆扬、刘诗园、孙逊、王欣呈现了21件此前很少展出的作品。



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2014. 6 Chinese Video Art Debuts in New York By Harper's Bazaar

Video art has little to no presence in the Chinese art scene, yet many of the country’s young artists are creating video installations. Now You See, the first ever exhibition to show Chinese video art in New York City, features 18 pieces by 10 young Chinese artists, and includes multi-screen projective installations, animations, single screen projections and monitor works. The works are displayed through the eyes of collector Dr. Michael I. Jacobs, who has been collecting Chinese video art in depth since his first visit to China in 2010. Inspirations include references to Western performance, body art, cinema, animation and conceptual art, yet are still infused with traditional Chinese art and cinema…

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